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In today’s increasingly connected and web-savvy world, an effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategy probably ranks as one of most crucial marketing elements for small to medium-sized businesses. A successful SEO strategy entails developing a comprehensive blueprint designed to facilitate an exponential growth in product discovery, client engagement, customer retention, brand awareness, and ultimately, sales.

However, the complexity, fluidity and expansiveness of SEO, frequently prevents companies from leveraging on this incredible source of revenue and traffic. This is where Geoklix comes in. Instead of spending tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to develop a competent in-house internet marketing division, Los Angeles-based Geoklix provides a full suite of search engine optimization strategy at a fraction of the cost.

A leading name in the local SEO arena, Geoklix combines its decade-long experience with a masterful grasp of the mechanics of search engines algorithms along with a keen insight of the various online marketing channels and platforms. Companies that develop partnerships with Geoklix will benefit from a wide range of strategies, including, but not limited to:

Keyword Analysis and Discovery
Keywords set the tone for your entire campaign. A systematic and detailed analysis will not only generate accurate, industry specific and relevant keywords, it will also draw a clearer picture of your target demographic. Latent sematic indexing, density level, weightage and vector space model are some of the other variables that need to be taken into consideration while determining your first draft keywords.

On Page Optimization
At the end of the day, the core relevancy of your website depends entirely on your on page optimization. The design architecture, hierarchy, content, page speed, ease of use and meta tags form the very basis of SEO.

Off Page Optimization
Off page optimization, and by extension, link building, is perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of SEO. Numerous factors, such as, anchor text diversity, domain relevancy and site trust, must be taken into consideration to ensure compliance with search engines guidelines. With the slow deterioration in Google’s Page Rank updates, the task has become more arduous. However, correctly executed, the payoff could be enormous!

Social Bookmarks
Social bookmarking sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit and Delicious have evolved into one of the most powerful SEO tools today. Their online organization and management of links accord a potentially great degree of reach to new client and market bases, while expanding your brand awareness.

Social Profiles and Social Mentions
The multiplying effect of social media profiles and posts is unprecedented. An attractive Facebook fan page banner or a well-crafted headline hook strategically posted at the correct time of the day could literally reach millions within minutes with a simple act of liking or mention. We play close attention to these seemingly minor details, because experience has taught us of the power of the viral effect.

Directory Submissions
Submissions to relevant and reputable directories is one of the oldest tricks in the book. It generates awareness, traffic and could positively affect your rankings. The key here is quality, diversity and deep linking.

Article Directory Submissions
Article creation and submission has two distinct advantages: auto approval and search engine indexing within 24 hours. This translates to ultra-fast and link building for your secondary or funnel sites – perfect for building authority on  a topic you are passionate about.

How-To Article Submissions
Similar to general directory submissions, but with an added twist – eHow is not an article directory. Instead, it is a curated help library with editorial presence. This probably explains why it is currently a darling with search engines, and why it is worth the time and money for certain businesses to have a presence there.

Google Maps/ Google Places
The next big thing in SEO, Google places and Google Maps is a vital piece of the SEO puzzle for local searches.

Local Business Directory Listings
While not as effective as Google Places, local business directory listings provide an added boost for local searches, and could be trusted to generate some direct traffic as well for small businesses. The king of directory listings, Yelp, is already a pop culture phenomenon – a clear testament of its power.

One-way Link Building
Paid advertisements are a wonderful method to create inroads into new markets. More than that, paid ads are a great source of quality one-way links from respectable domains that will give your site a short to medium-term SEO boost.

Press Releases
An optimized, engaging and informative press release will not only provide the public with the latest news concerning your company, it will also build brand trust. A secondary consideration, one that is often overlooked, is the distribution channel. Instead of sending the copywritten content to bargain basement press release directories, we have developed our own network of reputable publishers.

Reviews by Customers
Amazon’s dizzying growth over the last decade has been due to its customer reviews. The same holds true for companies like Yelp. Customer reviews are simple, yet extremely powerful endorsements, and is capable of generating spikes in traffic all on their own. Studies have suggested that up to 61% of online shoppers read customer reviews before making a buying decision. Geoklix is very aware of this, and has a team of experts that can generate genuine buzz for your business.

Blog Posts and Guest Blogging
Guest blogging, in a sense, is similar to press releases – only more focused. Informative and engaging pieces will be welcomed by respected blogs, which in turn will create more exposure to your brand and traffic within your targeted niche. Conversely, accepting blog posts from respectable authors and bloggers brings added value to your content. Established authors will also generate an equivalent level of buzz from cross promotion activities. In both instances, we have a panel of authors and blogs that we regularly work with.

Reporting & KPIs
Measuring results is a must in any marketing campaign, this is why we provide you with a comprehensive client’s dashboard where you are able to view your website statistics, keyword ranks, conversion rates, bounces and so much more, at anytime.

Would you like to be found by local customers who are actively searching Google, Yahoo and Bing for local businesses in or near where they reside, say Los Angeles, California or any other city/state in USA?

If your local business doesn’t have online visibility or a online marketing strategy then your business is missing out on a huge source of new business from your local area. Local SEO or SEM – Search Engine Optimization is one of the most cost-effective Internet marketing tools available to your local business. By investing in local search engine marketing services, your business website will start getting increased geo-targeted traffic/visitors with the intention to learn more about your services/products.

Here at geoklix, our passion is to connect local businesses with local customers who are searching online for products and services you offer locally. Our local online marketing strategy is unique and highly effective in getting your business more qualified visitors to your business website. Call Us Today for a Free half-hour consultation with no obligation.