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Digital-First Media Agency. We Deliver Winning Results for Clients through a Proven Formula of Ad Testing, Tech, and Talent.

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  • Creative

    Great digital marketing combines creativity and science. We work with you and your team to create, adjust, and scale your digital ad campaigns to attract high lifetime value (LTV) audiences across all digital channels.

    We deliver effective advertising by discovering how your audience responds to your campaign. Then we tailor your message to suit their tastes so they come back for more.

  • Digital Ads

    We use digital marketing as a means to learn more about your audience and deliver impactful advertising. As specialists in paid search, we strive to understand the key metrics that matter most to your business and act as an extension of your team.

    We rebuild entire accounts to deliver a personalized user experience across various platforms such as Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, social media and shopping ads. Our team works closely with yours to create engaging digital ads on all social media channels and supports your business in all aspects of digital advertising, from ad creation to conversion tracking and utilizing data insights for optimization. Our goal is to deliver the most relevant message that resonates with your target audience.

    In addition to paid search, we also offer an effective programmatic advertising strategy that covers the entire marketing funnel, from high-impact video ads reaching wide audiences to personalized retargeting ads driving conversions. We have a robust system in place to ensure that ads are only shown in relevant placements and we provide full transparency on data ownership and cost.

    We assist our clients in developing technically sound websites, creating content that resonates with their audience, and strengthening their brand signals through our consultative approach to scientific SEO. Together, we will develop a plan to achieve your goals and track the impact of specific local SEO changes on your website’s organic traffic.

    Conversion rate optimization is a proven framework for understanding why some users convert and why others don’t. Our strategy is tailored to your specific needs, through close consultation with you, to ensure that we are always optimizing your key metrics. We place a strong emphasis on collecting granular data to gain a comprehensive understanding of the user journey.

  • Strategy

    We believe that experimentation and learning are the foundation of successful digital advertising. By utilizing the scientific method, we can generate innovative ideas, test them, and measure their impact on your business.

    Our team has expertise in key areas such as strategy, data measurement, technology, digital channels, and data science, which allow us to support your marketing efforts and drive business growth.

    We begin by identifying challenges and using our data-driven approach to develop hypotheses and test them to reach statistical significance. With a solid understanding of the data, we can then activate our insights and see the true impact on your business.

  • Consulting

    Our approach to growth begins with understanding your customers – who they are, what they want, and the best ways to reach them.

    We then create a strategic digital marketing plan, supported by a robust Data Measurement Framework (OKR), to define and measure success for your business.

    Our team specializes in conducting large-scale experiments across various channels including paid search, paid social, programmatic, local SEO, and CRO.

    By analyzing data and continually testing, we strive to optimize revenue and profit (ROAS) for your business.

Google Ads + SEO + YouTube + Social

"Geoklix provides incredible value, an amazing team, awesome results."

Natalie Lapidus

Owner / Founder


"Geoklix Digital"


Google Ads

Google Ads + SEO + Social

"Geoklix is our backbone!"

Dion Dersarkissian

President of Pinky's Iron Doors

Google Ads + SEO + Social

"Geolix brings amazing value to our business."

Rachel Quarterly

Media Relations, Allure Events & Catering

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