Google Ads

Google Ads

Give them exactly what it is they’re searching for.

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Search Engine Optimization
A shocking effective new and unique way to rank #1 on Google search in the most competitive markets, for the most profitable keywords.

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Paid Social Media Ads
How to get more customers, clients, and sales than you can possibly handle with social media ads.

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In-Video Ads

How to use the worlds second biggest search engine in the world to dramatically scale your sales.

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Website Design

Website Design

Double or tripple the number of leads and sales from your website pages generate.

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What you will discover will forever change how you advertise on Google forever…

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  • Welcome

    Hello, Business Creator,

    We understand.

    Boosting a business is no small task. It’s hard. Really hard.

    Your mind may be brimming with questions about the origin of your next customer.

    Tense and sleep-deprived as a toddler during teething time.

    Your hair adopting a silver shade due to all the prevailing uncertainty.

    On top of it all,

    You feel yanked in countless directions.

    Holy moly!

    Should you pen a blog? Kickstart a podcast? Carve a personal brand?

    Capture your entire amazing life on Instagram?

    And what about chatbots?

    Everyone’s all about chatbots… should you try it out?

    Actually… should you invest in advertisements? Shell out $3k for a logo? Make LinkedIn your daily bulletin board?

    Eureka! What about crafting a ‘stunning’ brand-new website?

    Yes! That’s it!

    That’s precisely what you need to magnet more customers.

    Seriously, can anyone spare me a moment of peace?

    See, most entrepreneurs get lost in the dazzling allure of new trends, stirred with a dollop of attention deficit… and a dash of “I’m invincible”.

    And they wind up dabbling in a bit of everything…

    Before long, they’re pulling their hair out due to the endless things they “must” do.

    We term this chaotic affair a “rat’s nest”.

    Also known as purgatory.

    It’s as sweltering and stuffy as a sauna.

    And we’d rather face the burn of the world’s spiciest peppers in our eyes than run a business that way.

    But this isn’t about us… It’s about you.

    You’re here, reading this because, in some way or another, your business isn’t at the place you aspire it to be.

    Even after you’ve hustled your heart out…

    Or maybe you’re soaring…and you’re just seeking more.

    More assurance.

    More capital.

    More liberty.

    More cherished moments.

    More family time.

    More comfort.

    More top-tier flights with your loved one to destinations that promise sandy toes.

    Whatever your heart desires…

    We’ve got uplifting news for you…

    Because soon you’ll be brimming with confidence saying, “I’ve got this”.

    You’ll be greeting the morning sun with an email inbox overflowing with leads ready to make a purchase.

    You’ll be gaining new clients more consistently and predictably than you ever thought possible.

    Regardless of the economic climate.

    And you’ll bid goodbye to work-ridden weekends.

    Everything will be streamlined and functioning seamlessly.

    You’ll be at the helm, and a wave of tranquility will envelop you.

    And it all commences by “picking your own path” below…

    Here’s where the heavenly choir comes in.

  • Digital Ads

    We leverage digital marketing to gain audience insights and deliver impactful advertising. As paid search specialists, we build campaigns and create personalized user experiences across platforms like Google Ads, social media, and shopping ads. Our team collaborates closely with yours, crafting engaging digital ads and utilizing data insights for optimization. With programmatic advertising, we cover the marketing funnel and offer transparency on data ownership and cost. Our services extend to website development, compelling content creation, and brand reinforcement through scientific SEO. Through conversion rate optimization, we analyze user behavior and tailor strategies to optimize key metrics, emphasizing granular data for a comprehensive user journey understanding.

  • Strategy

    We believe that experimentation and learning are the foundation of successful digital advertising. By utilizing the scientific method, we can generate innovative ideas, test them, and measure their impact on your business.

    Our team has expertise in key areas such as strategy, data measurement, technology, digital channels, and data science, which allow us to support your marketing efforts and drive business growth.

    We begin by identifying challenges and using our data-driven approach to develop hypotheses and test them to reach statistical significance. With a solid understanding of the data, we can then activate our insights and see the true impact on your business.

  • Consulting

    Are you ready to unlock unparalleled growth for your business? It all starts with understanding your customers inside out – their desires, preferences, and the most effective methods to engage them.

    With that knowledge in hand, we craft a powerful digital marketing plan, fortified by a robust Data Measurement Framework (OKR), to define and measure success precisely tailored to your business.

    Our team excels at conducting extensive experiments across a multitude of channels, from paid search and social media to programmatic advertising, local SEO, and conversion rate optimization (CRO).

    Through meticulous data analysis and relentless testing, our ultimate goal is to optimize revenue and maximize profit (ROAS) for your business. Get ready to witness unprecedented growth and success like never before.

Google Ads + SEO + YouTube + Social

"Geoklix provides incredible value, an amazing team, awesome results."

Natalie Lapidus

Owner / Founder


"Geoklix Digital"


Google Ads

Google Ads + SEO + Social

"Geoklix is our backbone!"

Dion Dersarkissian

President of Pinky's Iron Doors

Google Ads + SEO + Social

"Geolix brings amazing value to our business."

Rachel Quarterly

Media Relations, Allure Events & Catering

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