5 Essential Tips for Achieving Campaign Success: A Guide for Business Owners and Marketing Teams

Running a successful campaign requires input and collaboration from every member of the marketing team and even beyond. Whether you’re working with an in-house team or an agency, it’s crucial to establish a strong working relationship that is based on mutual trust and open communication. To help you get there, I’ve put together these five golden rules for campaign success.

Share crucial business insights and intelligence

Your marketing team or agency may not always ask for it, but it’s essential to share your business insights and intelligence with them. This information could range from the value of a conversion, an in-depth understanding of your sales process or funnel, the functionality of your product and how it is used, or any industry-specific jargon. By sharing this information, you challenge your marketing team to integrate it into their campaigns and strategies, allowing them to come up with innovative ideas on how to apply and test this information.

Ensure the data you provide is high-quality and trustworthy

Accurate forecasting is key to proving future value and growing your channel and business. This depends on having high-quality data that can be relied on by everyone in the business and marketing team. Make sure everyone is using the same data source and that the data can be trusted. If you have any concerns, address them upfront rather than waiting until your forecast is off by 50%.

Teach your marketing team about the core value drivers

It can be challenging to determine where a client wants their marketing team to focus, especially when there are multiple products that all seem to need 100% attention. To avoid wasting time and money on areas that won’t move the needle, it’s essential to have a conversation about what drives value for the business and senior stakeholders. When your marketing team understands what is valuable to you, they can use this information in their bid strategies to optimize campaigns and accurately forecast based on that value.

Talk to your marketing team as if they were running your business

Your marketing team or agency should be seen as more than just an activation arm that is used when you need campaigns up and running quickly. They are a highly intelligent team that can provide valuable insight across the entire business. Encourage them to tie their marketing activity to business goals and turn clicks and conversions into value and profit. Challenge them to consider tests by comparing the implementation costs with the potential growth and to consider positive ROI in the short and long run.

Lead, don’t manage, your marketing team

Your marketing team is another group of people that needs effective leadership, not management. While you may need to drive productivity and push them at times, most of the time you should be working alongside them to grow and lead them, just as you would any valued employee. This includes working with agencies, who may not be working on your business full-time and will require reliable support and guidance.

In conclusion, marketing success is directly tied to the success of the business. The goals of the marketing team should align with the goals of the business. Marketing is connected to sales, product teams, finance teams, and senior leadership, and it can either drive growth or be a drain on resources. By following these five golden rules, you can avoid common mistakes and put your marketing team on the path to success.