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Local Business Citation Service Done-For-You.
100% manually submitted with a full submission report.

Local Citations are multiple consistent mentions of your business information on website directories and other properties found on the internet. Search engines like Google use these mentions as a trust signal and consistent NAP citations of your business will help you to rank within local Google search results.

This is a submission only service with downloadable submission report. We create a new email address used for all citation submissions. Service is limited to 100 citations max per business address. You’ll be provided with any login information for each business citation.

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GetFave Local Business Search

GetFave is a site where businesses hype themselves up—literally. GetFave’s “The Hype” section allows merchants to advertise their wares and show off deals and new updates at no cost. There’s also a basic search; underneath the funky façade, GetFave operates like a typical local business directory. Users pick a location and type in what kind of company they’re looking for, and GetFave brings up a large map along with a list of merchants that match their query.

The GetFave layout is fresh and sophisticated, and users aren’t bombarded with flashy advertisements on search results pages. Refreshingly, Google ads show up at the bottom of the results page, not the top as with many other search directories. This means your free listing has a better chance to be seen, which is always a plus. Consumers who visit GetFave have the option to save specific businesses or searches as “faves,” which act like bookmarks. At the bottom of each GetFave page is a “Share” link so that users can inform their friends when they find businesses or search results that interest them.

GetFave also has a mobile app for iPhone with a unique feature—the app alerts consumers when they near a “fave” business. This feature helps keep your company on the forefront of consumers’ minds, reminding them that they enjoy your establishment every time they visit the area.

If you own or manage a business, GetFave allows you to add your company to its roster for free, even allowing rich media profiles with photos and videos for no charge. To manage your listing, you may log in, create a Fave account or connect with Facebook or Twitter.

With the free options available at GetFave, it makes sense to manage your business profile on the site. Good online marketing requires putting your best foot forward at every opportunity, including the GetFave directory.