Add A Business To Google My Business Places

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Local Business Citation Service Done-For-You.
100% manually submitted with a full submission report.

Local Citations are multiple consistent mentions of your business information on website directories and other properties found on the internet. Search engines like Google use these mentions as a trust signal and consistent NAP citations of your business will help you to rank within local Google search results.

This is a submission only service with downloadable submission report. We create a new email address used for all citation submissions. Service is limited to 100 citations max per business address. You’ll be provided with any login information for each business citation.

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Marketing on Google My Business (Places)

Google already rules the roost for basic Internet search, and with the advent of Google Places in 2009 the company staked a hefty claim in the world of local business search. The good news for business owners is that it’s free to create and manage a Google Places listing. The not-so-good news is that it can be difficult to maintain an effective profile without SEO expertise.

To start a Google Places page, you only need to sign in with your Google account and then choose the option to add a new listing. You then provide basic business information such as address and phone number. Google will verify this information by mailing or phoning a PIN, after which you may confirm the account. You don’t have to—and frankly, shouldn’t—stop with the basic info. You may add photos, reviews, deals and coupons to attract customers.

Once your Google Places page is up and running, it will contain a conglomeration of information from sites across the Web, including yellow pages, Yelp and more.  In order for Google to find these pages, all of your business information must match to a “T.”

As with Google’s standard search, it takes some SEO tweaking to get your page to the top of the search results list. Videos are helpful, as are plenty of photos with strategic keywords for tags. Your company description should also be crafted with keywords in mind. It helps to get specific about the services or goods offered rather than making generic statements. For example, the statement “just like Mom used to make” won’t register with Web crawlers. Saying “homemade lasagna, pasta, pizza and other Italian food” is far more effective.

Google Places got very competitive quickly after its introduction, so it can be difficult to achieve a high ranking. However, mastering this domain can bring in plenty of new clients, and Google Places can be an invaluable advertising resource for small businesses.