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Local Business Citation Service Done-For-You.
100% manually submitted with a full submission report.

Local Citations are multiple consistent mentions of your business information on website directories and other properties found on the internet. Search engines like Google use these mentions as a trust signal and consistent NAP citations of your business will help you to rank within local Google search results.

This is a submission only service with downloadable submission report. We create a new email address used for all citation submissions. Service is limited to 100 citations max per business address. You’ll be provided with any login information for each business citation.

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ShowMeLocal Business Directory

Part yellow pages and part social media network, ShowMeLocal unites consumers and small businesses through local search and more. Visitors to the site may search for a specific type of company, such as a Chinese restaurant or law office, in a specific city. The site displays four search categories: businesses, coupons, deals and jobs. Users also have the option to browse by city, which brings up “hot deals,” top reviews, recent job openings and direct links to some of the most popular search terms, such as locksmiths, vets, auto repair and plumbers. The main ShowMeLocal page also displays a news feed with current business updates.

ShowMeLocal is privately operated by former local business owners, and the site’s main focus is company promotion.  They incorporate a points system that offers the greatest promotional opportunities to businesses that market themselves aggressively. Updating frequently will get you noticed more than creating an account and letting it fester.

The consumer is also a vital part of marketing on ShowMeLocal. Users may write reviews, subscribe to your news feed, bookmark you on social media sites and use the “tell a friend” feature, all of which may drum up future business.

ShowMeLocal has free and premium packages, and it’s important to note that the top listings of all searches are sponsored. Your listing may include business information, photos, videos, coupons, blogs, RSS feeds, a consumer content form, spam protection and more, depending on your package.

ShowMeLocal welcomes most types of businesses with physical addresses, but is not for Internet-only businesses, affiliates, adult stores or multi-level marketers. All profiles are search-engine optimized for Google and Yahoo, although the company does not guarantee ranking. Upon creating a business listing on ShowMeLocal, you will be granted complete control and may edit your profile through the site’s Business Management Area.