Add A Business To Yelp

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Local Business Citation Service Done-For-You.
100% manually submitted with a full submission report.

Local Citations are multiple consistent mentions of your business information on website directories and other properties found on the internet. Search engines like Google use these mentions as a trust signal and consistent NAP citations of your business will help you to rank within local Google search results.

This is a submission only service with downloadable submission report. We create a new email address used for all citation submissions. Service is limited to 100 citations max per business address. You’ll be provided with any login information for each business citation.

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Yelp Local Directory

Yelp is synonymous with local search in the minds of many Internet users. Part social media network and part yellow page directory, the Yelp website allows users to search for restaurants, retailers, salons, physicians and many other types of services via computer or smartphone. Search results yield basic information such as business hours, price range, payment options, address, phone number and website link along with customer reviews. These reviews are the heart and soul of Yelp, and the reason consumers flock to the site to find the top businesses in their neighborhood.

Yelp boasts more than 33 million local reviews, all posted by ordinary consumers. Each reviewer grades their chosen establishment with a star rating: one star is the lowest score, while five stars is the highest. Reviews are free to create and read, and Yelp takes thorough steps to fight fraudulent posts.

If you run a local business and seek new clientele (and what business doesn’t need more clients?) managing a Yelp account is a must. There’s no charge to set it up, and you’ll have the ability to post photos and interact with your customers. After setting up your account, consumers can find you by searching for your type of business (i.e., “Italian restaurant”) along with an address, city or zip code. With every search comes the opportunity to gain a new client—and the better your reviews, the better your odds.

Yelp makes money by selling ads, and you may choose to purchase ad space for greater visibility. The ads are clearly marked as such, and don’t have any effect on reviews or listings.

Yelp also allows businesses to create “Yelp Deals.”  Customers view your deal on Yelp and may purchase it on the spot, directly from the website. Your business receives money instantly after each purchase.

Yelp offers a simple online setup system for business owners who want to create a new account. However, it may not be so simple to speak to a live representative; Yelp conducts most of its communications via Web forms and e-mail.