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Local Business Citation Service Done-For-You.
100% manually submitted with a full submission report.

Local Citations are multiple consistent mentions of your business information on website directories and other properties found on the internet. Search engines like Google use these mentions as a trust signal and consistent NAP citations of your business will help you to rank within local Google search results.

This is a submission only service with downloadable submission report. We create a new email address used for all citation submissions. Service is limited to 100 citations max per business address. You’ll be provided with any login information for each business citation.

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Service Magic (Now HomeAdvisor) for Online Marketing

Home Advisor, which was called Service Magic until late 2012, is a local search directory specifically targeted at home owners. The system is far more refined than other engines; visitors click through a series of menus to select specific home pros. For example, a search for a bathroom remodel will bring up a selection of bathroom fixtures: Users can specify yes, they need countertops or no, they don’t need work on the cabinets. There’s even an option to learn about green alternatives.

Once the consumer’s information has been collected, HomeAdvisor matches them with the most relevant professionals, sending you, the business owner, their contact information so you may offer them a quote. Customers also view your contact details so they can get reach out to you, if desired. Unlike most other search directories, HomeAdvisor only pulls up three or four businesses per client—so you won’t have to compete with dozens of other contractors for a job. Clients will see your ratings and reviews, so it’s very important to build quality relationships with customers that reach you through HomeAdvisor.

HomeAdvisor was designed as a platform for residential service professionals to promote their products and interact with others in the trade. At its core, the site is a marketing outlet, allowing you to not only gain new clientele but also collaborate with other businesses to help each other succeed.

One of the most attractive features of HomeAdvisor is its narrow scope. Clients may be more likely to trust a site that finely tailors search criteria to meet their needs, and the site has a highly professional tone. Business owners can create an account on HomeAdvisor for free and gain access to their online library of expert local advice as well as insight into what consumers are searching for. Members also receive discount offers and other perks.