AdWords Scripts

Intelligent AdWords Automation

[accordions] [accordion title=”Real-Time Position Bidding”] RTB AdWords script runs and downloads the AdWords stats for the day and compares this to the stats it downloaded previously. From this data, it makes bid adjustments to reach your target average position. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Search Is Lost Rank Bidding”] Search IS Lost Rank is the estimated percentage of impressions on the Search Network that your ads didn’t receive due to poor Ad Rank. We have built a script that downloads this data periodically and compares it to the previous data to make automated bid adjustments to reach your target Lost IS Rank %. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Schedule Bidding”] Our schedule bidding AdWords script enables us to adjust bids based on your campaign’s hourly schedule. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Negative Keyword Management”] The negative keyword management scripts automatically reviews the incoming queries, identifies irrelevant keywords/phrases and automatically add them to the negative keyword list. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Scan Website For Errors”] The scan website for error script, scans your website and landing pages to find 404 or server not responding errors and provides a report to keep you up to date on your website’s health.[/accordion] [accordion title=”KPI Report Generation”] The KPI report generator script creates a custom report based on the key performance indicators you’d like to monitor on a ongoing basis. [/accordion] [/accordions]