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Adwords Ecommerce Marketing

If you own an ecommerce business, you are no doubt well aware that having an ironclad marketing strategy is an absolute necessity in order to survive in a competitive marketplace. One of the most difficult tasks for the average ecommerce entrepreneur to master is balancing the day-to-day administrative duties with the vital practice of promoting and marketing the business. specializes in helping ecommerce businesses save time and valuable resources by providing them with a comprehensive suite of professional Google AdWords management services.

We are fully versed in the specific needs of ecommerce sites, and we will custom tailor a ROI-driven strategy for your AdWords marketing campaigns that will help you maximize product sales and optimize every advertising dollar spent. Recent changes in the way Google displays their Product Listing Ads has given much more “screen real estate” to ecommerce retailers that market specific products via Google AdWords. In light of these changes, will create specific strategies to help you increase your exposure and profits by managing your Product Listing Ads campaigns and maximizing this innovative ad format to your advantage.

One of the primary benefits of using Product Listing Ads is the fact that you are able to include pictures and prices of your products directly on Google’s search results page. We will thoroughly analyze your product offerings and organize them into relevant categories in order to strategically manage bidding activities for each specific product. We will also customize data feeds for your products based on specific attributes (e.g., ID number, availability, condition, etc.) in order to provide the most useful metrics for performance analysis and optimization. specializes in utilizing the custom URL tagging feature in Google Analytics to provide granular tracking capabilities as well. These laser-targeted tracking metrics will enable us to detect which products are demonstrating a high ROI, which will in turn help you to purge under-performing product listings and focus your advertising dollars on your best performing products.

Every astute ecommerce retailer knows the importance of testing and tracking as much relevant data as possible in order to gain a more solid understanding of which products provide the highest conversion rates. understands that tracking must extend well beyond the “click” if it is going to provide a full picture of customer behavior. We are experts at utilizing the powerful tracking and reporting tools offered by Google Analytics, and we will seamlessly integrate your AdWords account with your Analytics data to give you a complete picture of not only the primary metrics such as conversion ratios, but also important secondary metrics such as average visit length and bounce rate.

Most marketers will tell you that the success or failure of a marketing campaign will be determined by the quality of your ad copy. By using our services, you can leave the tedious task of ad copy creation to specialists who are in tune with the nuances of your product offerings. will carefully craft a winning ad copy strategy to attract eager buyers, and not just browsers. We also pay attention to trends in buyer behavior, noting the specific time periods in which profitability reaches peak levels. We will then customize your AdWords campaigns to maximize these vital sales opportunities, implementing certain features such as ad scheduling and dayparting to maximize ROI by way of strategic bidding techniques. In addition, we will analyze your profit margins to determine the most beneficial bidding strategy based on the specific keywords that demonstrate higher conversion rates.

From general text-based AdWords campaigns to the more robust format of Google’s Product Listing Ads, has a reputation for providing solid and effective ecommerce marketing management. With all of the time requirements that are inherent with managing a full-scale Google AdWords campaign, you wouldn’t want to divide your focus between your marketing efforts and the administrative aspects of your ecommerce business; this could leave you in the uncomfortable position of being only partially effective in both areas. By choosing as your ecommerce marketing management company, you are not only saving yourself valuable time and energy, but you are also leaving your marketing efforts in the capable hands of a company that thoroughly understands the intricacies of Google AdWords. So if increased sales, optimal ROI, and greater overall efficiency appeals to you, contact today!