Benefits of Youtube Video SEO for Local Business

The Benefits of Youtube Video SEO for Local Business.

SEO-Video-SEOSearch-Engine-OptimisationWe all know about how beneficial Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is for your website. Now, though, there is video SEO, which is becoming increasingly popular. If you are not taking full advantage of this service now, you really must start. Youtube has about two billion videos being watched on its site daily. That is a lot of room for advertisements. Youtube thus offers business the potential for incredible exposure by allowing them to place video ads on its site.



If your video ends up going viral, it will be seen by countless people. Video SEO thus helps to increase the visibility of your video, which makes it more likely to be seen by the audience you are targeting. There are so many benefits of using Video SEO, but here are the five biggest:

1) By making a video, you make yourself stand out from your competitors. Look at it through the eyes of a potential client: if he is choosing between Company X and Company Y, and the prices and services are all the same, but Company X has a video, he will most likely choose Company X, as it gives him more confidence in the company.

2) There is more text content on the web than there is video content. Because of this, your video is more than 50 times more likely to be seen in Google search results than is your text content, according to Forrester Research. You can even take this a step further by optimizing your video with keywords to allow for the video to show up only when your targeted audience searches appropriately.

3) Youtube is the world’s greatest springboard for videos. No other video website can possibly compete with it. Therefore, your video is on the world’s most popular video site, as well as one of the world’s most popular sites in general. Literally billions of videos are watched on Youtube on a daily basis. Youtube makes your life simply by allowing you to easily add keywords to both your title and description.

4) If you take the time and effort to make a truly memorable video, your clients will most likely share it with friends and other potential clients. In a very short period of time, you could witness an explosion of new clients, simply because they liked your video.

5) Finally, videos are the best means for increasing brand awareness. How often do people share funny videos on Youtube with one another? All the time. If your video is funny, as well as informative, without jamming the idea that you are advertising down viewers’ throats, you will be giving people unfamiliar with your business unfettered access and a great first impression.

There it is: five great reasons to use Video SEO. If you do not at least try this out, you will be losing out on many great opportunities for your business.

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