Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

Web properties are designed for either search engines or humans. While the former is structured to capture organic traffic, the latter is meant to promote or sell a product or service on ecommerce, B2B, B2C, lead generation, opt-in or service sites. The effectiveness of any sales and promotion strategy can be enhanced through the use of conversion rate optimization (CRO) techniques.

At Geoklix, we conduct a comprehensive review of the myriad elements in websites, social media pages, pay per click ads and social media ads to determine the exact optimization strategy required to drive up conversion rates for local businesses.

Keyword and Industry Research and Optimization
Unlike SEO, keyword research for CRO is less focused on search volume. Instead, the emphasis will be on actionable and precise long-tailed-keywords. To illustrate this point, consider the following two keywords:

• Nike Shoes: 550,000 monthly searches
• Cheap Nike Running Shoes for Women: 590 monthly searches
Would it surprise you to learn that PPC ads for the six-word search term cost and convert more despite its comparatively low volume?

With proper keyword and industry specific research, Geoklix can drastically reduce your advertising expenditure, deliver more targeted traffic and increase your conversion rates. In addition, we do not limit ourselves to a single keyword. Instead, we experiment with multiple keywords and allow them to compete with one another. Over time, by attrition, low performing keywords are gradually dropped.

Website Analytics and Tracking
Metrics collation and analysis is the single most important facet of CRO. Developing and fine tuning a CRO strategy without accessing and reviewing complete and accurate data is akin to walking in the dark.

Geoklix employ numerous tools to track, aggregate, organize and dissect data on your webpages, mailing lists, newsletters, ads and more. It is worth noting that our statistics and tracking are not limited to sales and click-through rates (CTRs) alone. We also review visit lengths, giveaway downloads, referring URLs, affiliate data, conversion costs, and even phone calls.

Landing Page Design and Optimization
Landing pages are the most critical element of your sales and marketing strategy – serving as the final stage of your various traffic funnels. It is your sales and customer service executive. It must be visually impressive, ridiculously compelling and above all, convert like crazy.

Geoklix engage experienced copywriters to write your landing page, augmented by our internal team of specialists. We apply tested and proven design, layout features and checkout process on your page, while minimizing page leaks, navigation issues and other barriers to conversions.

But best of all, your landing page will be continuously monitored, segmented, reviewed and adapted to reduce bounce rates and increase user experience, which will ultimately lead to higher conversion rates.

A/B, Split and MV Testing
Test. Test. Test. Experiment. Test. Test. Test. Experiment. Test. Test. Test.
Too much? Not at all, when you consider the fact that only 4.3% of online shoppers ever click on the buy button*. And even then, only 39.8% complete a purchase. As for marketing emails, only 1.1% follow through on specific CTAs (no data on actual purchases).

This is why global corporations spend millions of dollars every day just to conduct test. This is why Amazon and Ebay conduct testing every single day of the year. This is why Yahoo conducted a 30-day test to gauge user responses for their new logo**. No two humans are ever alike, and their behavior, motivation and perception constantly changes.

What do we test on? Here’s a short list:

• Price • Headline • Traffic Funnel
• Call to actions • Static, flash and HTML5 media • Buy Button
• Ad types, colors and sizes • Layout • URL Name
• Page Titles • Font types, colors and sizes • Writing Level
• Page, word & video lengths • List of features/benefits • Image

How do we perform these tests?

• A/B or Split Testing
Conducted to compare the performance of two entirely different benchmarks
• Multivariate Testing
Multiple segmented and isolated elements from a source destination are rotated to create a series of variables. MV testing, however, requires a fairly high volume of traffic to generate statistically significant findings.
With enough time and data, Geoklix can construct the optimum model for your business, service or product.

Writing, Creating and Optimizing Ads
Our ad development process is based primarily on mid to long-tailed keyword research and optimization. However, there are additional factors which we will incorporate into your ads. Tapping into historical testing metrics, we give your ads a head start by using proven and optimized layout, structure, color and size – at the most optimal costs.

Click-Through Rate Optimization
Geoklix keeps a tight focus on your campaign and CTR. We continuously monitor traffic quality, engagement patterns, and keyword and ad performances to enhance and maintain a competitive CTR. Negative and low performing keywords are also regularly trimmed to ensure minimal wastage on resources.

Optimizing Call-to-Action
Call-to-actions (CTAs) are carefully constructed triggers designed to compel visitors to follow through on a campaign objective. It can be in the form of a buy button, subscription button, free downloads or phone calls. CTAs have to be prominent without being overwhelming. It needs to follow a natural progression instead of being thrown around awkwardly and ineffectively. Every funneling process must end with the most powerful CTA to convert you traffic. Simple tricks, such as using MY instead of YOUR can produce startling 30-90% conversion spikes***.

Increasing Trust
Building trust with your prospects will naturally improve your conversion rates. But how should we factor in this abstract concept into a CRO campaign? A transparent campaign with no misleading or overhyped claims is a great start. A factually copywritten content is another. Respect for the prospect’s privacy, easy access to unsubscribe button, a credible social media presence and lack of pop ups are several more obvious, but often overlooked ethical considerations that could develop instant trust. With our long and distinguished experience in the industry, we got you covered here.