Google Analytics Pro

Advanced Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a fantastic and free service courtesy, of course, of Google. What it does is generate useful statistics about your website. You can see who is coming to your site, how long they are staying on it, their demographics, how they get to your site, where they live, etc. What Google Analytics therefore does is give you the best possible chance to analyze all your website data. With this data, you can improve your site content, you can write more specific, targeted ads, and you can strengthen your marketing.

Deploy robust analytics across multiple marketing channels to determine the real value of your marketing dollars. Our seasoned online marketing professionals leverage the power of the latest analytics/tracking tools to evaluate, interpret and effectively manage your company’s online marketing campaigns. In addition, advanced analytics offers the following benefits:

  • Segmentation & Analysis of select demographic/geographic and custom variables
  • Goal & Funnel Setup/Monitoring
  • Comparison of current and historical conversion, unique visitor data
  • Insight into Display Ad key performance indicators and consumer buying trends
  • A/B/MV Tests
  • In-depth understanding of keyword performance, dollar value and pay per click cost
  • Ongoing monitoring and feedback from experienced Internet Marketing agency and SEO company professionals.