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Leverage the Data That Matters

Our ability to collect, analyze and report web analytics data is unmatched, and this prowess grants businesses mission-critical insight. Working with Geoklix allows marketers to define and track the KPIs that make the biggest difference.

Ineffective data-gathering practices skew information and introduce inaccuracies into outreach planning. Can your marketing budget afford costly mistakes?

The our team sticks to robust, proven software tools to ensure that the information our clients work from actually heightens CTR, conversion rates and other profit-indicating statistics.

Analysis Rooted in Tested Techniques

Google Analytics

To the typical business owner, Google Analytics provides an almost overwhelming amount of potentially useful data. We make it easy to zoom in on specific points of interest without losing sight of the whole.

Our teams demonstrate exactly how marketing expenditures drive impressions and clicks. We show them how conversions rise and fall over time so that they get a firmer handle on the actual cost per click and business value of their campaigns.

Google Data Studio

Our analysts use Google Data Studio to reveal their discoveries via straightforward charts and graphs. By revealing how campaign efforts fare on different devices and how distinct strategies impact quality scores, we make it possible to accurately visualize the results of marketing actions. Our practices also minimize the burdens associated with formatting and organizing data.


Our mastery of Omniture offers a further layer of comprehension to those seeking to leverage metric analysis correctly. By using custom setups to gain an alternate perspective on funnel performance, CTR, impression goals and other KPIs, we reinforce and heighten the quality of the data we provide.

Mouse Tracking

Our teams teach companies exactly how visitors interact with their websites. From discovering what users click on to where they linger the longest, we make it easy to optimize page layouts, cater to real-world human behaviors and lower bounce rates.

Keyword Level Call Tracking

We're proficient at the nuanced art of tracking how specific SEO strategies relate to incoming phone calls. Geoklix experts have helped countless companies learn precisely which keywords prompt valuable forms of continued interaction and further brand engagement.

Google Tag Manager

We show companies the most efficient ways to track and guide the lifecycles of marketing tags. This makes it far simpler to update and change code snippets uniformly when integrating third-party software into websites and content.

Geoklix analytics aren't just essential for SEM/PPC campaigns. We expose data that promotes effective SEO, viral video advertising, engaging blogging and more intelligent e-commerce oversight.

No matter how they prefer to reach audiences, our clients enjoy an advanced awareness of how their choice of KPIs impacts the efficacy of their analytic strategies. We enhance not only their marketing collateral but also the way they hone their delivery techniques.

Effective Copyrighting

Digital marketing is notoriously complex. Count on us to further your understanding of intricate data so that you can make smarter outreach decisions. To get started, reach out to a Geoklix expert today.

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