Sell Your Products To Local and Global Customers.

Google Shopping campaigns put your product images, price, and business name right in front of people searching on Google. People can make a purchase from your website or from your local inventory.

Prior to going live with your Google Shopping campaign, we will review your website and pinpoint areas of opportunity. After all, once the visitor has landed on your website, it’s your website’s job to complete the transaction.

Google Product Feed

In order to build a Google Shopping campaign, we will first need to generate a product feed that meet’s Google’s Shopping policy and adheres to the product taxonomy. Most popular e-commerce platforms (hosted/owned), such as: Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, Volusion, OpenCart and 3DCart come with basic feed generator built into the platform however depending on the type of products you are selling, the basic feed generator may not generate your product feed properly. Of course, we have the technology to generate feeds that meet Google’s Shopping requirements no matter the platform your inventory lives in.

Product Feed Optimization

Optimize, optimize and optimize some more. Unlike search campaigns, where you bid on keywords, in Google Shopping campaigns, bidding happens on the individual or group of products, instead. Hence continuously optimizing the your product feed is crucial in reaching desired ROI.

Product Bid Management

Prior to bidding on a particular product (s), our bidding strategy relies on the product’s profit margin. Otherwise, what good does it do if you bid $10 on a product that sells for $5? Needless to say, you’ve lost $5.

Shopper Incentives

Free Shipping? 15% Off Any Purchase? Yes, incentives help drive conversions. Our team will create and test incentives that will get shoppers to buy from you, right now.

Product Remarketing Tag

To show ads to people who have visited your desktop or mobile website, add the remarketing tag to your website. The tag is a short snippet of code that adds your website visitors to remarketing lists; you can then target these lists with your ads. If your website has a Google Analytics tag, you can use this tag instead and skip adding the AdWords remarketing tag.

Web Analytics & Reports

We create custom dashboards and reports based on your campaigns KPI’s and if that’s not enough, we’ll create custom reports to meet each stakeholder’s requirements.

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