Healthcare Marketing

The healthcare industry has shown to be somewhat of a slow adopter when it comes to implementing inbound marketing strategies. It’s an industry widely dominated by large-scale corporations, meaning changes don’t happen overnight. However, several innovative healthcare firms are showing that modern healthcare digital marketing techniques that utilize the organic participation that social media allows can be used to incredible success.

As it turns out, one in twenty Google searches are about health related topics. With the sheer amount of Google searches being made (at least a trillion annually), healthcare providers can be missing out on a ton of business if marketing goes neglected. Furthermore, when it comes to the growing market segment of smartphone owners, 62% of them have used their device in the past year (2015) to search for information concerning a health condition. Couple that with the fact that 66% of Americans are willing to use a mobile app to help them regulate their health and it starts to become clear that brand awareness can be increased massively online through healthcare digital marketing. Not only online, but with so many people who primarily use mobile devices for surfing the web, it’s becoming increasingly important that your online content be mobile-friendly.

As a healthcare provider, how beneficial would it be to have a low-maintenance healthcare digital marketing system in place that brings customers to you rather than the other way around? It would save your team time and resources that would be much better spent on taking care of your patients. Because patient care is what’s really important in your industry. Building trust between you and your patients creates loyalty that keeps them coming back in their time of need.

With our marketing expertise, we’ll make people aware of what a great place your medical facility is to receive health care which frees you up to concentrate on taking care of your patients and cultivating lasting relationships.


An overwhelming amount of consumers search for local businesses online – 97%. The reality is, the way people are finding local products and services these days is through internet searches. For dentists who operate their own practices, it’s essential that your local clients are able to find you online. If they can’t, they may not even become aware of your practice’s existence.

Customers are finding local businesses online through every medium imaginable. Recent polling shows that 22% of parents use Facebook to seek medical answers online and 20% of parents use YouTube for medical help. With services like our YouTube TrueView ads, we’ll make sure that all your bases are covered when it comes to the digital marketing of your dental business.

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is a $12 billion a year industry and predictions are that it is likely to continue to grow. With procedure costs being such large investments and potentially life altering, cosmetic surgery patients are thoroughly researching their potential doctors online. We can get your practice’s site on the first page of Google so that you stand out among the crowd and make a credible first impression.

Medical Spa

Medical spas are highly lucrative business but with lucrative business opportunities comes stiff competition. Medical spa owners who don’t set aside enough of their budget for digital marketing and advertising campaigns find out the hard way that setting up their offices is only half the battle.


Are you aware that more than 2,800 retail clinics had been opened through 2015? It leaves patients with a seemingly endless amount of choices when it comes to choosing a healthcare provider. And with the intimate nature of the OBGYN’s work, you can be sure patients are turning to the internet to do their research. We’ll make sure your message cuts through the noise and connect them with your practice.


Parents will do anything they can do get their kids the best medical attention they can afford, so it’s vital that pediatricians connect with parents on a personal level and make them feel at ease. The way to do that is to create a digital marketing/advertising strategy heavy on quality content marketing.

Retirement Homes

The retirement home industry is a highly fragmented market. Only 17% of the market share is made up of the six largest firms in the country. That means that the market is wide open for organizations to stake their claim within the industry but with so many options out there it’s essential to be able to be found easily.

Cannabis Dispensary

With marijuana-friendly legislation being passed all over the country, cannabis clinics are popping up everywhere but at a rate that can barely keep up with the demand. As an industry it’s estimated to be worth $10.2 billion within the next five years. Our marketing and advertising will get your cannabis clinic business in front of your internet-savvy patients.

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