Industry Specific Online Marketing Strategies.

Can search engine optimization Internet Marketing (SEO/PPC/SMM) and other online marketing strategies help your business succeed? In most cases, the answer is a resounding “yes.” Here are some industries that have plenty to gain from a solid Web campaign:

  • Retail – If you own a retail shop, such as a clothing or hardware store, a well-managed online presence can bring more customers through your door. If you sell goods online, optimization can attract new sales instantly.
  • Franchise – If you operate a franchise geo-targeted search engine marketing is a must! You will reach more local consumers with geo-targeted organic & PPC/Adwords search engine marketing.
  • Tech – A strong Internet image is especially vital in the tech industry, where Web prowess is seen as an indicator of your capabilities. Don’t be left behind in the virtual dust if you own a tech business.
  • Media/Showbiz – In this highly-visual field, image is everything. Building an impressive online brand can mean the difference between success and failure.
  • Hospitality – Millions of Americans turn to the Internet to learn where to eat, drink and lodge. If potential customers can’t find you via online search, you’re missing out.
  • Healthcare – People use the Internet to find health care providers close by, as well as research phone numbers, addresses and reviews. Online marketing is an important way to bring in new patients.
  • Manufacturing – Often, manufacturers keep a relatively low profile online. This can be a mistake, as Web searches can bring in new sales.
  • Construction – local consumers search for local contractors and home improvement companies everyday, get found today.
  • Government – Residents are often unaware of the services and programs available through their local government. An enhanced Web presence can boost your accessibility and strengthen the community.
  • Non-profits – There may be millions of people who care about your cause, but don’t know where to find you or even that you exist. A good marketing campaign can change that, and get more people involved in your organization.
  • Start-ups – Start-up companies need all the publicity they can get, and an Internet marketing campaign may be the only way clients will ever hear of you.
  • Professional services – Whether you’re a salon or spa owner or a tax specialist, showing up in local search engines like Yelp and Google+ Local can be vital to the success of your business.

The reality is that there are few industries that can’t benefit from a great online marketing campaign. That’s where Geoklix can help. Our experts will devise a complete plan to boost your business, using the latest available technology.

Geoklix offers affordable rates, and we won’t take on your company unless we know we can make you succeed. We use multiple strategies, starting with creating an effective website and then driving you to the top of the search engines. We are masters of Google and beyond, and will plug you into the local searches that bring you the maximum number of new clients.

As a boutique agency, we offer a personal approach. We will work with you to customize the best campaign for your industry, and then update you regularly with your results. Call us now to learn about our affordable and effective online marketing plans.