Landing Page Design

Landing Page Design

Landing pages are the final pieces of the massive jigsaw puzzles of online marketing. Sitting at the end of a long and expensive traffic funneling process and CPC or PPC marketing, landing pages are the literal sales persons for sales pages, squeeze pages, opt-in pages and more. Ultimately, the efficacy of landing page design & development is the singularly most decisive component of any online sales and marketing process funnel.

At Geoklix, we harness our wide range of expertise and collective experience to construct landing pages that will:

• Increase ROI (Return of Investment)
• Create positive first impressions
• Reduce cost per acquisition
• Maximize conversion rates, or dramatically increase conversion rates of existing pages
• Reducing bounce rates and lead burns

To achieve this, our developmental process incorporates the following elements into the blueprint:

SWOT Analysis and Industry Research
When conducting research, scientists gleam the most data from either the eye or the peripheries of tornadoes and cyclones – rarely from the raging thunderstorms and hurricanes. In a way, this holds true for most businesses. Often, consultants and auditors working from the outside or slicing through the heart of operations are able to provide more substantive and penetrating observations.
Similarly, at the onset of each project, our team of specialists will conduct an extensive analysis on the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) involving and facing your service/brand/product, competitors and industry.
Based upon the findings, we will be able to determine the most optimal value propositions, level of resources, approaches and techniques required to ensure the success of your landing page. The data will also give us an insight into the inner workings of the industry, arming us with the ability to craft a flexible and fluid strategy.

Keyword Analysis and Google Quality Scores
Geoklix conducts extensive research to generate the most accurate and relevant keywords for your landing pages. Particular attention is given on target demographics, latent semantic indexing and PPC/CPC costs, among others, to ensure optimal management of your resources. At the end of every design and testing cycles, we will review the page’s Google Quality Scores to see its effectiveness with search engines. While Bing, Yahoo, Ask, Baidu and other search engines do not have a comparable tool, the score will generally translate across the search engine landscape.

Copywriting / Content Creation
The primary ingredient for every landing page lies with the content. Thus, depending on your niche and budget, we engage a specific copywriter from our panel to provide powerful copies with specific call to actions that will optimize conversion rates.

While there are no general uniformity in the structure and content of landing pages, the common features that should be expected include:

(i) Compelling headlines and subheadlines
(ii) Clear call-to-actions (CTAs)
(iii) Third party validations (testing have shown that presence in major media outlets scores well)
(iv) Design consistency
(v) Clear value propositions (effective landing pages convey the who, what, why and where at a glance)
(vi) Easy readability (preferably between 40 – 60 in the Flesch–Kincaid scale)
(vii) Persuasive and flowing text listing the core benefits

Customer Testimonials
Testimonials, especially genuine social testimonials (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.) are extremely effective across all target markets and demographics. For new products bereft of testimonials, we solicit genuine ones from the target demographic or community.

Website Design and Graphic
Our experienced team of designers design visually compelling websites with intuitive navigational structures to complement the copywritten content. Our design will be responsive to ensure accessibility across multiple devices (pcs, phones, tablets and laptops). At your discretion, we can provide header and logo design services.

Visitor Engagement and Page Leaks
Landing pages are NOT homepages – they are not designed to provide mission statements, industry updates, etc. They are intended to convert inbound traffic. As such, the page must be focused, and ideally should have a minimal number of page leaks (navigational links that redirect traffic to other sections of your website).

Enticements / Added Value
Do you ever wonder why products sold in late night infomercials are typically bundled with free gifts? It creates a perception of increased value in the minds of viewers. A similar psychological effect can be replicated in your landing page with very little investment, in the form of free EBooks or reports.

Analytics and Testing
The bad news is, landing pages are rarely perfect the first time around. The good news is, landing pages can be gradually improved upon until they reach perfection. There is nothing worse than trying to market a product in the dark, because invariably, it will worsen the page. Geoklix provides clients with the metrics and conversion data to do this, using an extensive array of management tools to aggregate and analyze traffic data, and conduct A/B or multivariate testing to fine tune the page.

So when you’re considering developing a landing page for your next product, service or brand, give us a call for a free consultation. Truth be told, we are always eager to help our clients make more money!