Law Firm Marketing

In today’s digital age, a rapidly increasing number of clients are looking to the Internet to find representation. Society trusts their devices to lead them in the right direction when it comes to finding a law firm. The Internet is not only used for locating local attorneys, but also for comparative research among competitors. For this reason, a strong and comprehensive marketing campaign is essential to increasing your caseload.

With over fifteen years of industry experience, our team can help you establish and strengthen your web presence. We will customize a comprehensive marketing strategy to ensure your firm’s success online. With our help, you will invest in the most efficient and lucrative marketing plan that will expand your digital reach.

We offer an extensive list of legal marketing services, including PPC, remarketing, local SEO, video marketing, website automation and display marketing.

If your existing PPC or Local SEO marketing strategy is not yielding the results you had hoped for, let us conduct a complimentary evaluation. We will analyze your current tactics and identify areas of growth and opportunity.

[accordions] [accordion title=”Personal Injury”]We can connect personal injury attorneys with future clients and victims who are seeking justice. With the right marketing strategy, your firm can promote legal services, including but not limited to, counsel for wrongful death, car, motorcycle, pedestrian, and bicycle accident cases. Make sure to stay ahead of the game by establishing a strong online presence.[/accordion] [accordion title=”Family Law”]Family law attorneys can greatly benefit from an improved marketing strategy. Our team can help your firm become more searchable, which will result in a growing number of child custody, child support, divorce, domestic violence, and other family cases. When future clients look to the Internet for help and guidance, a strong strategy will lead them to your firm.

Over 96% of people who are seeking legal advice in family law matters start their search on the Internet. Additionally, over 25% of people use YouTube as a topic provider. You can find these stats and many more on
[/accordion] [accordion title=”Business Law”]When business owners and professionals look for legal counsel, they look to popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. An extensive marketing campaign will connect clients to you before your competitors. Attorneys that specialize in litigation and transactions and offer services, including breach of contract, licensing agreements, partnership and shareholder disputes, fraud and misrepresentation, trademark infringement, and beyond, could quickly and successfully increase their caseload with a new and improved marketing strategy.

We can help your brand stand head and shoulders over your competitors.[/accordion] [accordion title=”Intellectual Property Law”]Entrepreneurs in need of legal guidance and representation in areas, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, IP Litigation, trade secrets, licensing and business transactions will rely on the Internet to find proper counsel. We will create and implement a strategic marketing plan that will lead you to land a spot on the first page of search engines, where clients can learn about your firm.[/accordion] [accordion title=”Tax Law”]As a tax attorney, you have invested a lot of time and money in building your firm and brand. Without the proper marketing campaign and guidance, your efforts will not be as rewarding or lucrative as you hoped. Let us conduct a free evaluation and find out the potential of your brand. We will assess your current campaigns and recognize areas of development and opportunity. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Estate Law”]Lead future clients to your estate law firm through a strong online presence. We can create a comprehensive and competitive marketing plan that will ensure that clients looking for legal advice and guidance during the estate planning process learn about your services before your competitors. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Immigration Law”]Statistics show that the number of immigration law searches has spiked and are increasingly growing. If your firm offers professional immigration law services, including deportation cases, family immigration law, employment immigration law, investment visas, asylum, deferred action programs, and more, stand out among the crowd with the help of our experienced team. We will help you capitalize on the power of Internet marketing to establish your presence in the immigration market. [/accordion] [/accordions]