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Mouse Tracking & Website Heatmaps

Map User Behaviors in Exact Detail and Tune Your Digital Marketing to Match

MouseFlow  creates heat maps, session recordings and other vital tools that reveal exactly how users interact with web pages. It can be used to improve engagement as a whole or target predetermined activities, like checking out, completing forms and navigating to specific areas on the web page.

It's hard to direct site traffic when you don't know how users will respond to the prompts you give them. MouseFlow's session replays clarify what people do when they encounter specific site elements on mobile, desktop and other platforms, making it easier to anticipate future behaviors. It also includes a comprehensive analytics toolkit that quantifies the results in terms of per-page visits, dropouts and conversions, so developers can actually understand what happens when they make changes.

MouseFlow overlays an easy-to-understand, color-coded map over any production-ready page. Designers and business leaders can instantly see which portions of their web presences aid their mission and which are simply dead weight. This visual information gives designers more power to create layouts that cater to actual behaviors and determine optimal positioning for high-value page components, like shopping cart links and social media widgets.

With MouseFlow's form dashboard, it's easy to relieve the most extreme pain points on your site. Optimizing forms can be difficult, but this smart tool offers insights into how and when people drop off, submit, refill information and encounter errors.

No one said building a brand presence would be easy. We help ensure yours resonates. Find out how by scheduling a demo today.

Session Replay

It shows a recording of the activity from each visitor on your site - just like CCTV.


It tracks click/touch movement and creates heatmaps that show which elements of your landing page are attractive to visitors.


Funnels feature lets you build reports to see how visitors navigate your site. It helps you analyze key performance indicators (like purchases or sign up).

Form Analytics

Monitors how visitors interact with lead generation of contact forms. It measures drop-offs, refills, blank submissions, errors, and more.

Device Compatibility

Works on all devices with a modern browser: desktops, phones, and tablets.

Filters & Segments

You can sort/filter by location, language, IP address, page count, duration, browser, operating system, platform, traffic source, visitor type (first time/returning), screen resolution, pages viewed, custom variables/tags, and much more...

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