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Effective marketing begins with effective research. Without knowing its target audience, a business's marketing efforts are doomed to failure.

Marketing Research & Analytics

We provide marketing research services that dramatically improve the outcome of everything from search engine optimization to PPC marketing. As a well-established digital marketing agency, we employ a variety of proven tools that allow businesses to understand their target audience's needs, preferences, spending habits and much more.

Through the monitoring, collection, analysis and interpretation of primary and secondary data, we help companies of all sizes develop marketing strategies that boost conversions and deliver incredible ROI.

Why Market Research Matters

There is no reliable way to convey an impactful, actionable message to a target audience without knowing what makes the people in it tick. Due to the highly competitive nature of today's business world, this is truer than ever.

Digital or otherwise, well-executed marketing depends on understanding what resonates with a given demographic. What are their pain points? What needs are they trying to fill? How can a particular product or service help?

Once research has uncovered what a target audience is all about, everything else falls more easily into place. With our help, companies gain crucial insights into their target audience's preferences and desires. In turn, they are able to execute more effective marketing campaigns and make better business decisions.

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Primary and Secondary Data

Properly executed marketing research draws information from both primary and secondary data. Primary data is data that hasn't been collected before. It is collected via experimentation, observation and, much of the time, through polls, surveys and focus groups. Secondary data is historical data that has been gathered by outside sources. These sources must be authoritative to ensure that the data that is used is reliable.

We use both primary and secondary data to conduct market research for clients. This ensures that clients are made aware of the big picture and that they are armed with as much useful information as possible.

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Types of Marketing Research

Before the advent of the internet, market research often meant putting pen to paper and sitting down face-to-face with consumers to find out what they want. The digital era has changed that, allowing us to access real-time information to paint a more accurate and timely picture of a target audience's wants and needs.

Some examples of the types of marketing research that we engage in include:

  • Market needs analysis - What opportunities are out there in a particular market?
  • Keyword research - What are consumers looking for?
  • Social media analysis - What are people saying about a brand? What kinds of trends are occurring within a particular niche or industry?
  • Digital analytics - How well are current marketing techniques working? What types of improvements can be made?
We personalize our marketing research and analytics services to suit the unique needs of each client. Regardless of which tools and methods we employ, the objective is always the same: To arm clients with useful insights into their target audience so that they can make effective marketing and business decisions. Contact us today to learn more.

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