Formula G

“Geoklix Design Language” by Arthur Yeranosyan / Work in Progress…


Ready-Made +: Leveraging recognizable elements of human emotion and irony in digital marketing. This involves using familiar marketing tropes but with a twist, creating a unique appeal that resonates emotionally and intellectually with the audience.

Dynamic Call-to-Action: Transforming the traditional “figures of speech” into compelling calls to action. This principle focuses on creating engaging, action-driven content that motivates and resonates with users, driving them towards conversion.

7% Innovation Rule: Similar to the ‘3% approach’, but with a slightly larger scope, the ‘7% Innovation Rule’ in digital marketing implies making strategic, yet minimal changes to existing strategies or designs, aiming for a balance between innovation and familiarity.

Dialectical Harmony: A creative compromise between two distinct yet similar or dissimilar notions in digital marketing. The blending traditional marketing and advertising tactics with cutting-edge AI-driven approaches, or harmonizing bold visuals with minimalist design in landing pages.

Visible Evolution: Showcasing signs of “work in progress” in digital marketing strategies. This principle is about transparency in the evolutionary process of campaign strategies, reflecting a dynamic and human-centric approach to marketing.

Contextual Relevance: Ensuring that each marketing campaign or design has a societal commentary or relevance. This principle is about creating content and strategies that are not just commercially viable but also culturally and socially resonant.

Universal Appeal: Speaking to both ‘tourists’ (the general audience) and ‘purists’ (niche, knowledgeable audiences) simultaneously in digital marketing. This involves creating campaigns and content that are universally appealing, yet have layers of depth for more discerning audiences.

Emotive Analytics: Incorporating emotional intelligence into data analysis. Beyond just interpreting numbers, this involves understanding the human emotions behind user behaviors and preferences, and using these insights to guide marketing strategies.

Iterative Storytelling: Continuously evolving the narrative of brands and campaigns based on audience interaction and feedback. This principle emphasizes the importance of storytelling in digital marketing and the need for it to adapt and grow over time.