At the Law Offices of H. William Edgar, is a top family law firm with locations in the Orange County, Riverside, Temecula and San Bernardino area. Their top priority is the protection of your rights and your family.


The Law Offices of H. William Edgar had an active Google AdWords campaign and wanted to hired an digital marketing agency that would improve their current conversion rate and reduce CPA.


First we deployed a Free AdWords Evaluation and discovered many opportunities within the existing campaigns. Based on our initial digital marketing SWOT analysis data, we put together a digital marketing strategy that would: reduce cost, increase relevancy and conversions. We restructured the entire account starting with the campaigns, ad-groups, keywords and ad-text. We also enabled all the enhanced features and integrated GTM to further track our progress such as conversions. We also created a custom AdWords script to further enhance the campaign optimization process on the fly, such as: conversions by ad-text, date/time, device type, bids/average ad position, etc.


We’ve achieved a Click Through Rate (CTR) of 4.88%, (approximately 500% better than previous campaign performance) which generated leads via form, phone and in-person visits. The paid media campaign's Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) was reduced by 420.5%, surpassing our original target CPA. With custom bid automation and conversion rate optimization (campaign, landing page), we saw a Conversion Rate of 13% and Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) of 355.2%.


4.88% CTR

13% Conversion Rate

355.2% ROAS

$89.28 CPA

9/10 Quality Score

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