Fine Jewelry Store

Client: Shimon A.
Location:  Sherman Oaks, California.
Keywords: Engagement Rings Studio City, Wedding Rings Sherman Oaks, Fine Jewelry Store Sherman Oaks.

Challenge (s):

Kristof’s Classic Jewelers original website was based on outdated .ASP Technology with very little content. This leads to inadequate indexing and ranking of keywords, resulting in low or even no SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). In addition, the website had only basic information about the jewelry store with no content or meta-data for any targeted keywords. Content is what the Internet principle is based on, especially in the eyes of Google, which happens to be over 75% of the search market share. Having very little content, and faulty website structure, website presence was almost non-existent.

Solution (s):

Our objectives were clear from the onset. Because Kristof’s Jewelers had a very good physical proximity to a large population, we felt there was a lot of opportunity to increase exposure through website marketing and presence by applying a number of local Internet marketing strategies. To make their website presence more effective, we suggested a total revamp of their website from the ground up which included a comprehensive local SEO plan:

Therefore, the following steps were taken:

1. Redesign their website using a Content Management System (CMS) platform – either Joomla or WordPress.

2. Keyword research based on location and services they provided.

3. Add significant content to the website based around the keywords and services they provided.

4. Create a comprehensive SEO plan that concentrated on good site structure (Meta tags, sitemaps, etc.), good content, and linking, with the ultimate objective to increase traffic from targeted prospective clients from organic search results.

We designed an entirely new website for Kristofs’s Jewelers using the Joomla 1.5 platform. Joomla 1.5 is an excellent CMS with superior site structure making it a more viable solution for search engine crawling and indexing. In addition, we mapped out a comprehensive plan to add content regularly related to the keywords and services they provided. The content was going to be key on getting more pages indexed and subsequently, more keywords and page rank.


Kristof’s Jewelers has experienced a gradual and steady increase in traffic which includes a very healthy trend line as noted below. Presently, Kristof’s Jewelers is receiving very targeted traffic totaling over 1,200 targeted site visitors Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. In addition to the drastic increase in visitors, over 5,300 web pages were viewed by visitors during this period. That’s results! since inception of the new site in September, 2009. Of the 1,200+ visitors, over 80 % of them are from search engines

We were able to accomplish these very positives results from a combination of link building, wide spread content syndication and keyword research. In fact, Kristof’s Jewelers were able to not only rank #1 for major keywords organically, they also rank for 300+ keywords and monopolize the top ranking in Google Maps.

Below, is a screen shot that shows the high rankings in both Google Maps and organic SERPs for the highly targeted keyword phrase “Jewelry store in Sherman Oaks, Ca”. By the way, check out the paid advertising on the right. Other Jewelry stores are paying for the very same keyword Kristof’s Jewelers cornering the market on – Jewelry Store in Sherman Oaks. Note below, Kristof’s Jewelers are solidly ranked, taking up two spots on the page. That’s circling the competition!

The traffic attained by a well structured website coupled with a comprehensive SEO plan has steadily increased traffic to Kristof’s Jewelers. And we are not done yet. We believe an effective SEO plan is one that continually evolves, one that is considered a continuous improvement aspect of the business.

Staying competitive on existing keywords as well as targeting new ones, requires an SEO component that constantly changes with the times.

In addition, if a website is properly optimized, results can be phenomenal. Changing from a outdated website to one of optimized content was the right move in this case and the results show it.

Stay tuned, we will follow up on this case study with a detailed look at the the keywords and visitor engagement for Kristof’s Jewelers.

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