Small Business Marketing

Did you know that only 50% of small businesses survive the first five years of operation?

Part of the reason why is that they try to do too much – around 70% of small businesses are owned and run by a single person. It’s expected for small business owners to shoulder a lot of the work. After all, most entrepreneurs know what they’re getting into when starting a business, or at least know that the beginning stages are going to be an uphill struggle.

One of the ways that small businesses can delegate part of their workload is by working with a marketing agency like ours rather than trying to do it all themselves. Small business digital marketing is not an exact science. It takes a lot of trial and error to figure out what works and what doesn’t. But we’ve done all the research so that you don’t have to.

That’s what our business model is about; we write, design and promote your marketing campaigns so that you as a small business owner can focus on your core activities and what’s important to you. You do great work and we’ll spread the word as effectively as possible.

You may think “but I can do all my marketing myself for free!” And while this is true, many small business owners underestimate just how much research goes into putting together a well-made small business digital marketing campaign. The result is often a huge drain on the most valuable resource of them all: your time. Time spent on marketing can be time spent away from the real motives you decided to create your business for in the first place. Focusing on the development of the product or service you sell should be your number one priority. Misguided marketing tactics can actually hurt your bottom line in the long run by pulling your focus away from the most important and pressing aspects of your business.

Auto Body Shop

For auto body shop owners, having an online presence is important for reaching the millennial generation, who make up 27% of the population. Polling shows that 63% of millennials keep up to date and become aware of brands through social media. Through statistical data of accident reports, millennials are expected to file upwards of 2 million+ accident claims each year.

Having your bases covered through marketing that targets your most likely customers will go a long way towards keeping business coming through the door.

Courier Service

The worldwide courier service market is evolving rapidly. Competition is extremely fierce, which is why it’s important to implement a solid and well-thought-out marketing strategy. The courier service industry is a very labor-intensive process and we can take one less responsibility out of the process by geographically targeting potential customers.

Banquet Halls

The events industry currently brings in around one trillion dollars annually in the United alone. These revenues aren’t expected to go down anytime soon either: it’s estimated that between 2010 and 2020 that the industry will increase by 44%. With such a large share of profits at stake, effective marketing strategies are crucial.

Targeted marketing and advertising will put your venue in front of the people that matter most: event planners, wedding planners, performers, DJs and most importantly, paying clients.

Event Planning

As all event planners know, they must be a jack of all trades. Communications, customer service, human resources and contract negotiations are all part the responsibilities event planners must deal with on a daily basis. Very few professions are required to be proficient in so many disciplines. Outsourcing your digital marketing and advertising to us will free up energy to focus on creating the experiences that your clients deserve.

Jewelry Store

Traditional marketing techniques used by the jewelry industry, i.e. print advertising, trade shows, and face-to-face sales are all becoming far less effective than they once were. These days, far more customers are doing their research before they ever step foot in a jewelry store. The answer to this new sales landscape? Embrace digital marketing to generate leads and to forge client relationships.


Did you know the entertainment industry is expected to take in more than two trillion dollars in revenue this year? The sheer size of the entertainment industry means that nearly all demographics are represented within it. That’s great from a business point-of-view but from a marketing one it presents some challenges. How exactly do you know your target audience? How do you know where your target audience hangs out? Leave that to us to figure out so that you can be creative.

Pro Services

Professionals who work in the professional services industry go through rigorous bachelor and graduate programs in the arts or sciences. The often aren’t required to complete marketing or business courses, however that’s where digital marketing agencies like ours step bridge-the-gap. If you’re an accountant, architect, financial planner or any type of consultant who works independently, our digital marketing team will get the name of your business in front of your target audience so you can focus on your core activities.


Entrepreneurs live and breathe their business’s product or service. When trying to get a start-up off the ground, many entrepreneurs get disappointed at their lack of initial sales. Start-up founders love their products so much that they pour their heart into the development of the products but neglect the digital marketing aspect required for building a sustainable business. We’ll not only get your digital marketing efforts off the ground but also deploy a growth hacking strategy so that getting your product or service in front of potential customers will be cost-effective.

If you'd like to get back to what inspired you to start your business in the first place and leave the digital marketing to pros, call us at 1-888-238-7576 or fill out the form below with details on your business and what direction you'd like to take it. We look forward to working with you.

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