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Industry observers have long noticed the slow but increasingly prominent role taken by the social media in generating traffic for websites. In fact, Shareaholic’s October 2012 Traffic Sources Report* revealed that the social media collectively generated 11.44% of total website visits. Even more surprising, Facebook (6.45%) drove more than 2.5 times the combined amount of traffic generated by Bing (1.23%) and Yahoo (1.27%)! Even Pinterest (2.38%) converted more traffic than the two search giants.

But how exactly does social media marketing affect your business, and why do you need to engage a social media management service? We’re so glad you asked, because social media is one of Geoclix’s primary strengths.

Once we have cleared the first and biggest hurdle – establishing a firm foundation for your site and generating organic web traffic – we will kick things into higher gear by shifting our focus to the social media. While you may not find the idea of an additional 11% traffic particularly thrilling, consider this: with an effective social media marketing strategy in place, you will enjoy an extra month’s worth of traffic every year.

In addition, live social media engagement will also provide your company and brand with greater web visibility, stronger customer loyalty and a supportive online community. Just like SEO, social media marketing is a science, and demands a high level of competency and the careful leveraging of existing assets to power your brand and business. The latter is especially crucial, as an unsupported entry into the social media could take a long time to build a sizeable active community.

Some of Geoklix’s most popular social media management services include:

Facebook Page Optimization
Back to the basics again. Just like your website, we will conduct extensive researches on keywords, competitors, branding opportunities, positioning and perhaps most importantly, seek out your target demographic and the community they are currently inhabiting.

Once we’ve completed the groundwork, we will move to URL selection, page naming and meta descriptions (About). The next stage involves developing a central theme and designing a visually appealing, informative and precisely-sized cover and profile images. We conclude the first stage optimization process with tabs/iFRame creation, customization and organization.

Twitter Profile Optimization
Similar to Facebook, Twitter also requires a little legwork prior to launch. It is important to remember though that Twitter offers significantly smaller individual footprints, so optimization has to be perfect. Twitter handles must convey instant recognition, while the profile, which serves as the meta description, has to be compelling and informative. Here’s an important tip that almost no one realizes – make sure your profile image has an alt attribute, as Twitter will automatically adopt it. Lastly, the background image must be functional, visually appealing, and is thematically similar to your Facebook page.

Daily Content Creation//Curation
The key towards becoming an established brand on the social media is regular dissemination of engaging and informative content. However, to achieve the status of thought leaders in your niche, the content must generate sufficient critical mass across the niche. This can be achieved painstakingly and slowly through traditional organic methods, or, significantly quicker by using our scheduled daily content creation, posting and sharing service. Augmented by our existing online assets and partnerships, we can jumpstart your social media adventure!

Fan/Likes/Follower Aggregation
Geoklix utilizes a multi-pronged approach to enhance fan and follower aggregation, using paid ads, cross-platform promotions, organic posts and leveraging on our existing assets and partners. The process funnels local social media users to your pages, and in the process, boosting your brand recognition, reputation and user trust.

Direct recommendation and endorsement from someone we personally know is one of the most powerful marketing tools for small businesses, and our aggregation strategy creates the opportunity for this to take place. The multiplying effect from an ever expanding circle of friends and followers will initially provide incremental growth to your fan and follower base before eventually achieving geometric growth.

Youtube Channel Optimization
With over 800 million unique monthly visitors, Youtube is a fantastic source of traffic for local businesses and international brands alike. As usual, Geoclix always focuses on the basics first. After the usual research, the channel will be customized to the hilt. From logo, background, profile data, social icons, meta information and call to actions, Geoclix will fully guide you each step of the way, while maintaining the same thematic elements used in your other social media platforms.

Paid Social Media Ads
A recent report by an online marketing research company** indicates that marketers only spend about 10% of their budget on paid social media ads. All the better for us, we say. The cheap and incredible conversion rates of paid social media ads, along with our research data, will allow your brand and business to make immediate gains on selected geographic and demographic targets.

Social Visibility Boost
Our social media content and audience management strategy are designed to create daily and seasonal boosts. We also utilize existing social media tools such as Facebook Graph Search and Twitter Trends to further elevate our clients’ visibility.

Cross-platform live engagement and interaction
Our experienced community managers and coordinators are trained to build, develop and sustain relationships with communities and individuals, while indirectly enhancing their position as social influencers. To ensure long term continuity and strategy effectiveness, we establish internal KPIs monitored using inbuilt social media analytics and two external management applications, WildFireApp and Hootsuite.

As aWildFireApp Partner, a subsidiary of Google, is one of the most popular cross-platform social media management tools today. It is particularly effective with Facebook marketing campaigns, where it allows automated ad testing, which could reduce direct acquisition costs by as much as 50%! It also features auto and scheduled content generation, as well as deployment of scheduled mass messaging to coincide with marketing campaigns and events (webinars, training, etc.).

HootSuite, on the other hand, is a collaborative management software that provides multi-account and multi-platform control from a single dashboard. Its batch scheduling and comprehensive analytics give us more control of our clients’ individual campaigns.

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