Transportation – Case Study

Executive Transportation Service

Client: Alek A.
Location:  Beverly Hills, California.
Keywords: VIP Bus, VIP Bus in LA, VIP Bus in Los Angeles.


LA VIP BUS knew they had a great transportation service, just didn’t have the online visibility it needed to increase leads and ultimately reservations. Alek  had advertised the transportation service in newspapers and on the radio, but neither channel allowed showed positive ROI.


Geoklix built a complete online marketing solution to showcase LA VIP Bus’ services and past work in order to convert more visitors into leads/reservations. They received:

  • A website highlighting the transportation’s benefits, value and service
  • Local Internet marketing best practices (white-hat) to achieve first-page placement on major search engines
  • Paid search campaigns specifically targeted towards VIP Transportation service
  • Increased visibility across a vast network of relevant online sites
  • Business listings claiming and enhancement local maps section of Google, Yahoo! and Bing
  • A reporting dashboard so they could track site performance such as, traffic, calls, emails, keyword ranks and social media mentions


LA VIP BUS has been using Geoklix for over 1 year and is extremely happy with the progress we have made. Geoklix consistently drives over 1,000 visits to their site and generates over 250 calls and emails each month. “Without Geoklix I our business wouldn’t be growing the way it is today,” explains Alek, “We always ask how clients find us and they say Google.”

In fact, Alek mentions that the transportation services also received and booked calls from known celebrities such as: Paris Hilton’s Family, Steive Wonder, Gregos Law Office, Wiz Khalifa, Nicole Snooki, Lenny Kravits, Iron Maiden, Best Buy and many others.

He also loves how comprehensive the online reporting dashboard is. According to Alek, “Everything is online and available 24/7. We can see site traffic, keyword rankings, listen to new patient calls, log calls, and manage our entire campaign.”

Alek is happy that he made the decision to work Geoklix. “They [Geoklix] provided highly effective and targeted Internet marketing campaign for my business—it has made all the difference.”