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Advertise your business to local drivers with the world's largest crowdsourced navigation app.

With more than 50 million active users worldwide--and many of them spending an average of 43.8 minutes per month in the app--Waze has quickly become one of the most popular app-based driving navigation tools. This crowdsourced navigation service isn't just useful for drivers; it presents powerful advertising opportunities for brands too.

We are is pleased to offer premium Waze advertising solutions for brands that want to make the most of this exciting platform. We are well-versed regarding how Waze advertising works, and we work closely with clients to ensure that their exact needs are met. When it comes to reaching local, on-the-move audiences, explore Waze Ads.

Waze is a crowdsourced navigation app that provides real-time traffic and navigation information. Much of the information that it provides comes directly from users, making it one of the most effective crowd-based driving apps around.

Unlike car GPS systems, Waze, which is free to use, features search ads as well as in-map advertisements. A variety of ad formats is available, and most of them deliver driving directions when users click on them. For local search, then, Waze is a very effective tool.

Waze Benefits

Advertising on Waze is best suited for businesses that rely on local traffic. Through the placement of carefully designed ads, including branded pins and promoted search, businesses can raise brand awareness and increase the odds of being found and patronized by local people.

The top benefits of advertising on Waze include:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Promote action
  • Increase conversions
  • Powerful reporting tools

To make the most of the top benefits of Waze advertising, it is crucial to understand the platform and to design effective ads. Geoklix assists in both regards by planning and executing custom Waze advertising campaigns for businesses across all industries and of all sizes and scope.

Advanced Features

There are several ways to enhance brand awareness with Waze advertising, including:

  • Branded Pin - Reminds users that a business is along their route with a colorful, eye-catching pin.
  • Zero-Speed Takeover - When a driver comes to a complete stop, a large canvas ad appears featuring information about a business, driving directions and more.
  • Nearby Arrow - When a map is viewed, an arrow points out the location of the business.
  • Promoted Search - Advertisers' listings appear at the top of search results along with a brand logo.

Tracking & Reporting

We create custom dashboards and reports based on your campaigns KPI’s and if that’s not enough, we can create custom reports to meet each stakeholder’s requirements.

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