Web Analytics & Reporting

Web Analytics & Reporting

Leverage the Data That Matters

Our ability to collect, analyze and report web analytics data is unmatched, and this prowess grants businesses mission-critical insight. Working with us allows advertisers to define and track the KPIs that make the biggest difference.

Ineffective data-gathering practices skew information and introduce inaccuracies into outreach planning. Can your marketing budget afford costly mistakes?

Our ability to collect, analyze and report web analytics data is unmatched, and this prowess grants your business mission-critical insight.  We define and track the KPIs that make the biggest difference.

Our team sticks to robust, proven tech to ensure that the information our clients work from actually heightens ROAS, conversion rate and other profit-indicating key performance indicators.

Google Analytics

To the typical business owner, Google Analytics provides an almost overwhelming amount of potentially useful data. We make it easy to zoom in on specific points (micro) of interest without losing sight of the whole (macro).

Our teams demonstrate exactly how marketing expenditures drive impressions and clicks. We show them how conversions rise and fall over time so that they get a firmer handle on the actual cost per click and business value of their campaigns.

Mouse Tracking

Our teams coaches you on how website visitors interact with their your website. From discovering what users click on to where they linger the longest, we make effectively optimize funnels and page layouts to further improve your ROAS.

Google Data Studio

Our analysts use Google Data Studio to reveal their discoveries via straightforward charts and graphs powered by Google. By revealing how marketing campaign efforts fare on different ad-groups, devices, geography and how distinct strategies impact campaign quality scores, we can take the next step to further optimize your marketing campaign.

Keyword Level Call Tracking

We use telephone tracking technology that relates us keyword data from all incoming phone calls. Our experts have helped countless companies learn precisely which keywords drive valuable calls and further brand engagement.


Our mastery of Omniture offers a further layer of comprehension to those seeking to leverage metric analysis correctly. By using custom setups to gain an alternate perspective on funnel performance, CTR, impression goals and other KPIs, we reinforce and heighten the quality of the data we provide.

Google Tag Manager

The most efficient ways to track and guide the lifecycles of marketing campaigns, is using Google Tag Manager. This makes it far simpler to update and change code snippets uniformly when integrating third-party tracking software into websites and content.


It’s rare to find a digital marketing agency that can actually deliver positive return on investment + superb customer experience. If these guys can’t help you, they will let you know upfront but if they take you on as a client, rest assured, they will out hustle and eclipse your competitors. I suggest you hire them before your competitors do.

Ed G.


Geoklix is great to work with. Arthur impressed us with his passion and knowledge of what he is doing, that’s why we decided to work with him. He has deep knowledge in Google Ad and SEO (these are some areas we worked on together). And he always replies to my emails in a few minutes no matter when. He is the guy you can count on! Reliable, Honest, and Skillful.

Sen D.

Managing Partner

Finding a good search engine marketing company is like finding a good surgeon. There are so many of them out there but until it comes down to the wire, one would never know what they’re getting. I am happy that I found my SEO/PPC company. These guys walk you thru the process and everything involved in a successful campaign. We love working with them. If you are looking for an upfront, honest, smart-working digital marketing agency that will provide an effective digital strategy & execution–geoklix is the agency you need to call.

Mel A.


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