The Search Network

Most business owners are aware of the exciting opportunities that are presented by pay-per-click advertising and other types of search engine marketing. Unfortunately, many of them struggle to make the most of their PPC campaigns. In fact, businesses often give PPC advertising a whirl, waste a lot of money and then give up entirely.

It doesn’t have to be that way. We have established The Search Network to eliminate the guesswork and confusion that often go along with establishing and maintaining effective PPC campaigns. In one fell swoop, businesses can run innovative ads across some of today’s hottest search platforms, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duck Duck Go and AOL.

We have created a streamlined approach that lets businesses of all sizes and scopes to drive relevant traffic to their websites, landing pages and other digital properties. Each search engine in our Search Network brings exciting benefits to the table, allowing businesses to broaden their online reach quickly, easily and affordably.

Google Network

The big kahuna of the digital marketing world, Google is a natural first stop for anyone who wants to raise brand awareness and otherwise market their products and services on the internet.

Google’s Search Network includes a group of search-related websites where AdWords ads can appear, including Google search engine sites and non-Google websites and search partners. Through a single AdWords campaign, a business can broadcast its message across the Google search engine results pages, Google Play, Google Maps and hundreds of non-Google websites.

Our Search Network covers PPC advertising through Google AdWords. We take care of creating and managing companies’ PPC campaigns, allowing them to get the most out of their investment.

Bing Network

One-quarter of all clicks from searches on Bing are exclusive to the Bing Network, and one in three searches in the U.S. occur on Bing properties. In other words, Google isn’t the be-all, end-all of PPC advertising, and it definitely pays to have well-designed ads appear on Bing. Partnerships with The Wall Street Journal, AOL and other sites sweeten the deal.

Bing advertising includes an array of powerful tools and features, including mobile, local, remarketing, Bing shopping campaigns and ad extensions for site links, location and address, reviews, images, phone numbers and more.

Geoklix knows how to make the most out of Bing’s powerful advertising capabilities and helps clients attract relevant traffic that’s more likely to convert through this innovative platform.


Businesses are wise to cover their advertising bases by establishing PPC campaigns on Yahoo, which has partnered with Bing to provide even more extensive advertising solutions.

Members of Geoklix’s Search Network have access to PPC advertising through Google, which includes an array of innovative and effective services and features. These include engaging ad formats that combine native advertising and search advertising; powerful targeting capabilities; eye-opening insights through an array of analytical tools and access to more than 1 billion global users.


AOL Platforms PPC advertising is included in the Geoklix Search Network. PPC ads placed through this service may appear on the AOL homepage, local landing pages, mobile pages, partner websites, video search sites and more.

With programmatic buying and performance-driven campaigns, AOL Platforms has powerful reach and is a welcome addition to any search engine marketing strategy. Through our Search Network service, Geoklix handles all aspects of such campaigns for our clients.


Tech-savvy folks who are concerned about privacy are increasingly turning to DuckDuckGo, which doesn’t track users’ behavior or search histories. The platform is growing by more than 70 percent per year, so it is a powerful addition to any search engine marketing campaign.

Our Search Network includes access to ad placement on DuckDuckGo, which is powered by Bing.